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How-to Create a Sick Leave Excel Dashboard Chart

Okay, I got an email from a SUPER FAN of my sight.  She even donated some money to help cover the costs of that...

Case Study – Creating a Dynamic Chart in Excel Using Offset Formula

A YouTube video subscriber Mili, wanted to know more about creating a Dynamic Excel Column Chart using Offset function.  So Mili sent me the...

How-to Format Trend Line Color in Excel Dynamically

Many users use Trend Lines in Excel charts and graphs.  They may also be used in Company Dashboards, but to you can make your...

How-to Easily Paste a Defined Name in Chart Dialog Box

As you are learning to use Excel to develop your Executive Dashboard Templates, you will quickly learn that Defining Names are your friend. Defined names...

How-to Make a Dynamic Chart Using Offset Formula

In previous posts I have described how to make a Dynamic Chart in Excel for your Dashboard using Tables.  This is a very easy...
Count Function

Find the Last Row or Last Column for Dynamic Excel Dashboards

In a previous post “This is the Bomb: or How I came to love the Offset function” I showed you all about the Offset...
Sample File of Excel Template Dashboard Tutorial Offset Function

This is the Bomb: or How I came to love the Offset function

Wouldn’t that be awesome if Excel can just change my chart every month or week when I add more data? This can happen for...
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