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How-to AverageIf Excluding Zeros and Blanks for Non-Contiguous Ranges in Excel

In our last Friday Challenge, I asked you figure out a way to calculate an average for a non-contiguous (non-adjacent) range that will exclude...

Friday Challenge – AverageIf NOT Blank or NOT Zero – NOT So Easy

As an Excel dashboard engineer you will often need to create complex calculations for your charts, tables and displays. So today's challenge is one...

How-to Show Gaps in a Line Chart When Using the Excel NA() Function

In last Friday’s challenge, we had a Excel Analyst that needed to remove outliers from his Excel Line Chart.  In essence, he wanted to...
Left Vlookup Formula

Excel VLOOKUP–Left or Right and HLOOKUP Up or Down

Better late than never to the VLOOKUP week as started by Mr. Excel, Bill Jelen. I have never been a big fan of the Excel...

Excel Formulas: Average a Range and Ignore Zero’s (0 Value)

Excel formulas are a wonderful thing, but they may not provide all the flexibility you want when calculating information for your Executive Dashboard display. ...

How-to Show All Formulas in Excel Spreadsheet

Have you ever wondered which cells have actual values entered and which ones are calculated formulas in your Excel spreadsheet?  Perhaps you are auditing...

How-to Show All Named Ranges/Formulas in a List

In our previous posts we discussed how to build your dynamic Excel dashboard template charts by using an Offset formula and named ranges/formulas.  Then...
Sample File of Excel Template Dashboard Tutorial Offset Function

This is the Bomb: or How I came to love the Offset function

Wouldn’t that be awesome if Excel can just change my chart every month or week when I add more data? This can happen for...

QUICKLY Change Microsoft Excel Dashboard Template Cell References

Learn Excel Quickly: Okay, when you are making your Excel Dashboard Templates you will spend a lot of time settin up formulas and copying them...
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