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Create Dynamic Excel Chart Conditional Labels and Callouts

Create Dynamic Excel Chart Conditional Labels and Callouts

Chart Conditional Labels and Callouts Learn how to make the simple and easy these Excel Chart Label Callouts: In my most recent article, I described how...

Dynamically Change Excel Bubble Chart Colors

In last week’s Challenge, I posted a question from an Excel User Forum that asked the following: “I've used Excel 2010 to create a bubble...

How-to Eliminate Statistical Outliers in an Excel Line Chart

Okay, I posted this Excel Chart Challenge on Friday.  How did you do?  I am sure your solution is better than mine.  This was...

How-to Make Conditional Label Values in an Excel Stacked Column Chart

Recently I was thinking that sometimes when you make a Stacked Column Chart in your Excel Dashboard, you may want to hide some of...

How-to Plot Building Wall UR Value in an Excel XY Scatter Chart

In an Excel Help Forum, an engineer wanted to know how to chart the following data: The data would need to be plotted like on...

How-to Make a Conditional Column Chart in Excel

As you build your Microsoft Excel dashboards, you may want to highlight your data points that exceed your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as well...
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