How do I Print Repeating Rows or Columns for my Excel Report?

In the Mr. Excel forum, a user was having problems printing a repeating row or repeating column for his Excel report.  Seems they couldn’t select any rows or columns when trying to create the...

How-to Make Excel STOP Selecting Range/Extending Range

While building your Excel Dashboard Templates, have you had the frustrating problem where Excel keeps highlighting a range of cells as you click on a new cell or change cells with the arrow keys? ...
Line Feed in Excel Cell

Excel Line Break/Hard Return within a Cell

Most people don't know that you can put a Hard Return (Line Break) within a cell because when they hit enter Excel takes them to a new cell.  It is pretty simple to learn how to...

Sample Displays of Excel Chart Dashboard Designs using Axis Groupings

Dashboard Design Examples – Excel Chart X-Axis Grouping

When Designing an Excel Company Dashboard you will want to make sure that your audience can easily read and interpret the data. Which do you prefer? Which chart would you want your Executives to view in...
How-to Hide Pie Slices when Value Equals Zero

How-to Hide a Zero Pie Chart Slice or Stacked Column Chart Section

Okay, we have learned lots of different techniques to build our Company Executive Dashboard using Excel, and today I will give you a taste of one that I wish I had learned a long...

How-to Make a Dynamic Chart Using Offset Formula

In previous posts I have described how to make a Dynamic Chart in Excel for your Dashboard using Tables.  This is a very easy method to make a Dynamic Excel Graph, however, it may...
Download a Free Target BMI Weight Tracker Spreadsheet

Free Dashboard Template Download – BMI Weight Tracker

In this ever expanding universe, so is my belt.  I need to drop more than a few pounds. Now I can use an Excel Dashboard Template and Chart file to track my weight and plot...

Count Function

Find the Last Row or Last Column for Dynamic Excel Dashboards

In a previous post “This is the Bomb: or How I came to love the Offset function” I showed you all about the Offset Formula.  Understanding the Offset Formula is critical to understanding how...

Step-by-Step Horizontal Bar Chart with Vertical Lines Tutorial

In a recent request for help in the MrExcel Forums, a user was having difficulties adding Vertical Line KPI Metrics to a Horizontal Bar Chart that they were creating.  I thought I would help...

Group Column Chart with Lines for Excel Dashboard Presentations

Yesterday a user in the Forums asked how he could make a Column Chart in Excel and then Group those Columns with a Line and Label the Line. Here was the sample picture presented...