How-to Copy Charts and Change References to New Worksheet

Have you ever made a great chart for your Excel Dashboard and you wanted to reuse it for another set of data?  Perhaps you want to recreate the chart for a new year or another company or another division.  What an easy way to do this without having to change each and every series to the new data range?

Copy Chart New Cell Reference Intro

This is a very common need for most Excel users.  So what do most Excel Beginners do?  They copy the chart/graph and paste it in the current worksheet or perhaps on another worksheet.  However the chart retains the same chart range.  That means that if you change the data for the original chart, both charts will change and look exactly alike.  This doesn’t help us with what we want to do.  Since the new chart still references the original data range, we will have to change each chart series reference in order to reuse the same chart with a new data range.

Copy Chart New Cell Reference Copy Chart


The Breakdown

Let’s see how to do this to quickly recreate our Excel dashboard charts:

In order to copy the chart and make it reference another worksheet, we must make a copy the Worksheet from the Worksheet tab.  This will not work if you just copy the range of data including the chart.  It must be done by copying the entire worksheet.


1) Right Click on the sheet where the original chart and data series are stored.

Worksheet Tab


Copy Chart New Cell Reference Beginning Chart

2) Click on Move or Copy…

Move or Copy Worksheet Right Click Menu

3) Check the “Create a copy” checkbox.  If you want to make a similar chart in another workbook, change the “To book:” to the other workbook that you want this Excel Dashboard Chart to be copied.

Right Click on Worksheet to Copy

4) Click on the OK button and see the Resulting Excel Chart with the new Excel reference range:

Copy Chart New Cell Reference Copy Sheet


Video Tutorial

Hopefully this will save you lots of time in making your Excel Dashboards.  Now you don’t have to change each and every chart series to a new data range.




If you need to copy and paste an Excel Chart into the SAME worksheet and have it reference a new data range reference for the chart data.