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How-to Copy Charts and Change References to New Worksheet

Have you ever made a great chart for your Excel Dashboard and you wanted to reuse it for another set of data?  Perhaps you...

How-to Make a Dynamic Chart Using Offset Formula

In previous posts I have described how to make a Dynamic Chart in Excel for your Dashboard using Tables.  This is a very easy...
Sample File of Excel Template Dashboard Tutorial Offset Function

This is the Bomb: or How I came to love the Offset function

Wouldn’t that be awesome if Excel can just change my chart every month or week when I add more data? This can happen for...
How to use relative and absolute references in Excel for a Dashboard Template

Referring to Ranges in Formulas for your Excel Dashboard Templates

When building Excel Dashboard Templates, you will frequently refer to cells or ranges in formulas.  After which, you will typically copy those formulas to...

QUICKLY Change Microsoft Excel Dashboard Template Cell References

Learn Excel Quickly: Okay, when you are making your Excel Dashboard Templates you will spend a lot of time settin up formulas and copying them...
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