Friday Challenge – Pass Fail Chart in an Excel Spreadsheet

Hi all and thanks for your patience.  I think we are all better now and the hack has been fixed. (Fingers Crossed)

I will get back to the final email break down from a previous Friday Challenge in a post next week.

So in the mean time, I wanted to post this Friday Challenge.

Now don’t take the title as the only solution.  I am hoping someone can come up with a better solution than mine.  Read on and let me know what you would make.  Leave me a comment with your solution or a comment with the email field filled in and I will send you my contact information so that you can submit a spreadsheet.  Lets come up with the best one with this cryptic (and yet unsolved) request.

Plotting a line graph to track build health

1 Sr.No Build No Execution Date Status
2 1 1 8-Aug-13 Pass
3 2 1.01 9-Aug-13 Fail
4 3 1.02 10-Aug-13 Pass
5 4 1.03 11-Aug-13 Pass

I am looking for Execution Date on X axis ( which is not a problem) currently. But on Y axis I am looking to plat a Pass/Fail which is getting replaced with a 0/1 and the mapping is also not coming out fine.          – Ash

Good luck and I look forward to your awesome solutions.  Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog so that you get the next post delivered directly to your inbox.