Friday Challenge On Thursday – Only Show Selected Data Points in an Excel Chart

Hi Excel Fans,

Today I am posting the Friday Challenge a day early to give you time to try it out.

Here the user story on what we are trying to do:

‘As an Excel user I want to leave all my data intact (i.e. not delete or hide any rows) and I want to conditionally show the data points in an Excel column chart by typing in “Yes” next to the data.’

Here is what I mean with pictures:

GIF  How-to Only Show Selected Data Points in an Excel Chart

(See as I type in a Yes in column C, then the data point is added to the Excel Chart and as I delete the Yes the column is removed from the graph.)

Here is the data set (Copy and paste it from this table to cell A1 in your test spreadsheet:
Excel 2012

1 2011 Display
2 a 330.33 Yes
3 b 329.35
4 c 359.85
5 d 376.94 Yes
6 e 446.86 Yes
7 f 457.7
8 g 509.38
9 h 549.9 Yes
10 i 566.84
11 j 585.2
12 k 658.24 Yes
13 l 720.2


There are probably several ways to complete this task, so lets see what you got.  If you want to contact me to send in how you did it, leave me a comment below (it asks for your email) and I will contact you for the file.

Good luck!