Fastest Way to Open a New Workbook in Excel

I saw in a recent post on, that Excel 2013 has added new option that you can choose to not display the start up screen that excel opens when you go to create a new chart.  So Excel will now just open a new blank template instead of showing you the start screen if you so choose.

Even though this new option in Excel 2013 is a really good thing to have, I have avoided this problem by using the fastest technique ever to open a new workbook in Excel.

I create a new spreadsheet almost as much as I create a new worksheet tab.  I am now going to teach you that way as well.

That fastest technique in my opinion is to use the Excel Keyboard Shortcuts.

Open up any spreadsheet and press these keys together:

“CTRL + N”

Excel will automatically bring up a NEW – BLANK – Workbook.

You can learn more about keyboard shortcuts here:

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts for Excel 2011, 2010 and 2007

Give it a shot or watch this quick video of this keyboard shortcut in action

Video Demonstration:

Now the Student has become the Master Smile

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