Excel Geek Out with MrExcel

How fun a night I had!  Did you ever think that you would meet a couple of Excel gurus and other Excel fans and have the best time?  I did! Smile Guess I am True=ly an Excel geek.

About 20 Excel fans got together two Excel gurus got together in Santa Monica California tonight.  The event was hosted by – Szilvia Juhasz (@XSzil) and Bill Jelen (@MrExcel).  Thanks for the food and drinks Bill, you rock!

I say that “if you like Excel, then you should schedule an Excel meet-up” in your local area and post it on Meetup.com.  Then you can get together and share Excel ideas, tips, tricks and places to get more Excel in your life.

Here are the pictures (sorry for the quality:20130731_181837

From Left to Right: Greg Eyink, Bill Jelen and Ryan Wilson.



From Left to Right: Bill Jelen, Your’s True-ly (Me = True) and Szilvia Juhasz.

Let me know if you are going to be in the Denver area and when I am back in town, we can schedule an Excel Meetup of our own.