Double Helix DNA Strand Excel Chart

Well, looks like the last Friday Excel Chart Challenge inspired people to get cracking and creative.


1) Don “Nailed it”.  That is a direct quote I think   I think since it was a Double Lollipop challenge, I think he should have said “Put a Stick in it”.  Get it?  Lollipop Stick?  No….


2) Leonid came up with two ways to recreate the double lollipop Excel chart.  One using High-Low Lines and one using Error Bars.  Great job Leonid.  And he added a complete picture tutorial.  Thanks Leonid!!!

You can check it out here: Recreate-this-Excel-Chart-by-Leonid.xlsx


3) The other awesome chart that was submitted was by Peter.  He took the concept to whole other level.  He created a Double Helix DNA Strand Chart Type.  I think it looks AWESOME!!!

Here is what his final chart looks like:

Double Helix DNA Excel Chart


You can download the file and check it out here: Double-Helix-by-Peter.xlsx


If you want to learn how to make your own Double Helix Excel Chart, check out this post:

How-to Make a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Double Lollipop Chart in Excel


Awesome job Peter.  Looks way cool and way to think outside of the lollipop.

Thanks all.


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  1. I like Leonid’s idea of the error bars and the added % change. I am going to save Pete’s chart and someday figure out a way to work it into a dashboard. Good job for the both of you.


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