How-to Make a Dynamic Excel Pie Chart with 4 steps in less than 4...

This is an awesome guest post from our great friend Pete.  He came up with this awesome technique to make a dynamic pie chart...

Understanding How-to Make a Step Chart in Excel Using Index and Match Functions

Here is a quick demonstration on the technique that Peter used for his Step Charts: Learn More about the Challenge HERE   To try it yourself as...

Show Only Selected Data Points in an Excel Chart

So last week I posted this question in the challenge: Here the user story on what we are trying to do: ‘As an Excel user I...

How-to Create a Dynamic Excel Chart that Only Displays Non-Blank Values

Below is a video that may help you as well. How-to make a Dynamic Excel chart that doesn't show blank values so you don't have to...

Customizing the Standard Excel Chart Titles

Titles on charts are not always necessary but when you use them, you will have many, many choices on formatting of which you may...
Left Vlookup Formula

Excel VLOOKUP–Left or Right and HLOOKUP Up or Down

Better late than never to the VLOOKUP week as started by Mr. Excel, Bill Jelen. I have never been a big fan of the Excel...

VLookup Week at ExcelDashboardTemplates.com

The Awesome Mr. Excel has started a VLOOKUP week.  Much like Shark Week, all the Excel sites around the web are posting VLOOKUP learning...
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