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Friday Challenge – Step Chart for an Excel Time Series

I was recently asked for assistance with this request: Hi Steve, I am trying to make a hypnogram with data that we collected over the course...

Friday Challenge Answers – Cumulative Events Over Time

In our recent Friday Challenge, Friday Challenge – Creating an Excel Graph of Cumulative Events Over Time where a user wanted the following:   Creating a graph of...

Chart Increase at Time Interval in Excel

Here is my answer to the most recent Friday Challenge.  Would welcome any comments below on what you think (flaws, likes, thoughts…)   In case you...

How-To Create an Excel Step Chart Formula Using the Small Function

In our last Friday Challenge, we were investigating Step Charts.  In case you missed it, you can check it out and download the sample...

Friday Challenge: Excel Step Chart Automation

Yesterday, I posted the a demonstration on how to make a Step Chart in Excel. You can check out that post here: How-to Easily Create a...

How-to Easily Create a Step Chart in Excel

You might be asking yourself, “What is a Step Chart?” You have probably seen one, but didn’t know that it is called a step chart. Here...
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