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Excel Array Solution

Data Transformation – Excel Array Solution

In a recent Friday Challenge, I asked our readers to transform an varying text string into dates and values to determine averages.  Well although...
Excel Array Formulas SumIF

Advanced Excel Summation Skills – Using ARRAY Formulas to Check for Multiple Criteria

In this post, I will show you another Excel summation technique that you can use to evaluate criteria and then sum the data based on that...

Better Formulas for Pipeline Matching Stacked Bar Chart Colors to Products without VBA Solution

Hands off to Leonid :) for this awesome solution with much Much BETTER formulas for a recent Friday Challenge. Here was the original Challenge: friday-challenge-pipeline-usage-chart   Here was...

Challenge Answer – Negative AverageIf for Non-Continuous Range

In our last Friday challenge: Friday Challenge – AverageIf NOT Blank or NOT Zero with Negative Values for Non-Contiguous Ranges I wanted to see how you...

Removing Array Formulas Around Your Excel Charts and Dashboards

Yesterday I posted a quick tutorial on protecting your Excel Dashboard Charts by using Array Formulas. You can check out that posting here: Protecting Your Excel...

Protecting Your Excel Charts and Dashboards with Array Formulas

Has this ever happened to you? You have sent your Excel Dashboard to your executive team or perhaps you have your spreadsheet on a shared...
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