Shanghai License Plate Prices Part Deux

A few months ago, i had the pleasure of traveling to Shanghai China and work in a nearby city of Suzhou.  Suzhou is known as the garden city and it is beautiful.

While there, I saw an article in the Shanghai Daily about the current prices that were paid at a recent auction.  This is a new concept for me and you can read about it in this posting:

Well I am back in Suzhou to work on the next phase of the project.  How cool is that!  I just arrived and went to breakfast and saw that the Shanghai Daily has another article on the front page of the paper.  If I had arrived a day later, I would have missed it.  Most fortunate for me.

The latest news is that license plate auction prices in Shanghai is that they have hit a new record.  It cost the average buyer 64,367 yuan to get a license plate for a car in Shanghai.  That is about $10,182 in USD.  That is up from 58,625 yuan (which is about $9,270 USD).  That is an increase of 9.8% in 2 months!

So I did a little reasearch and it seems that prices have risen 303% in the last 18 months.


In my state, you pay a percentage of the car value own, but you pay every year for the license plate.  However, since it is based on the value of the car, you pay less ever year.  But for a very expensive car, you may only pay at most $1k-$2 for the first few years.  Over time it may increase to equal the same cost in Shanghai, but this is only after 5+ years.  Also, in Shanghai this cost is the cost for any car, not just a luxury car.









Here is another representation of the data.  Do you think that it would work better in a Company Excel Dashboard?  Do you think it represents the data fairly?

What is it like where you live?    Do you think this trend can continue?

Let me know in the comments.