Do you have what it takes for ModelOff 2014?

You can now sign up for the ModelOff 2014 competition.  What is it?

ModelOff 2014

ModelOff is an awesome finance and Excel skills competition.  There are 2 online rounds and the top 16 will be flown to New York City for the World Finals.  You can win $30,000 USD for first prize.

If you love Finance, Accounting, Investments, Banking, Microsoft Excel and quantitative analysis, then this is a competition for you.


Want to see if you have what it takes?  Then take a real quiz from a previous ModelOff:

Test Your Excel Knowledge


How the leaderboard looks now:


Congratulations to Oscar Perez who scored a 100% and runner-up of Deepesh Chiroda with 86%.


See how high you can score!


If you score well, you should consider trying out for the ModelOff competition.

Visit the ModelOff Website




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