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Don’s Take on the Better Sales Funnel Chart

I got a positive comment from Don and he liked the Better Excel Sales Pipeline / Sales Funnel Chart. But....he thought it lacked ***flash***! So he...

How-to Make a BETTER Excel Sales Pipeline or Sales Funnel Chart

  Learn how to make an accurate sales pipeline in Excel.  In previous posts, I have showed you how to make a sales funnel chart...

How-to Make a Cool Looking 3-D Sales Funnel or 3D Sales Pipeline Chart in...

Some times these types of charts are called funnel charts or some times they are called pipeline charts.  Regardless of what you call them,...

Where Did My Excel 2013 Pyramid Charts Go? (Or How-to Make a Sales Pipeline...

In a previous post I showed you how to make an Excel Sales Funnel Chart or Sales Pipeline Chart, but it is a little...
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