Another Reason to Avoid 3-D Charts in Excel

Many Excel Dashboard creators like to like to use 3D Charts in Excel presentations.  However, there can be many problems when you choose to use a 3-D chart.  Most Excel Dashboard designers loathe 3-D Charts.  One problem is that 3D charts can distort and misrepresent the data.  However, there are other reasons to avoid these types of Excel Charts.

Here are 4 more reason’s why you should reconsider using a 2D Excel Chart instead of a 3D Excel Chart in your next Excel Company Dashboard:


(Note: the above graphic is what you will see from the Layout Ribbon in Excel when you create a 3D Chart)

1) You cannot add a trend line to a 3D Excel Chart

2) You cannot add Drop Lines in an Excel 3-D Chart

3) You cannot add Up/Down Bars to an Excel 3D Chart

4) You cannot add Error Bars to a 3-D Excel Chart

Can you think of any other reasons that you avoid 3-D Charts in Excel?

Insert a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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