Another Reason to Avoid 3-D Charts in Excel

Excel 3D Glasses

Many Excel Dashboard creators like to like to use 3D Charts in Excel presentations.  However, there can be many problems when you choose to use a 3-D chart.  Most Excel Dashboard designers loathe 3-D Charts.  One problem is that 3D charts can distort and misrepresent the data.  However, there are other reasons to avoid these types of Excel Charts.

Here are 4 more reason’s why you should reconsider using a 2D Excel Chart instead of a 3D Excel Chart in your next Excel Company Dashboard:


(Note: the above graphic is what you will see from the Layout Ribbon in Excel when you create a 3D Chart)

1) You cannot add a trend line to a 3D Excel Chart

2) You cannot add Drop Lines in an Excel 3-D Chart

3) You cannot add Up/Down Bars to an Excel 3D Chart

4) You cannot add Error Bars to a 3-D Excel Chart

Can you think of any other reasons that you avoid 3-D Charts in Excel?

Insert a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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