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Friday Challenge – Data Transformation Solution

In the latest Friday Challenge, you were tasked with creating a Data Transformation Formula for the data listed on this page: Friday Challenge Data...

How-to Copy Numbers and Text from Pictures and Paste in an Excel Spreadsheets

Are you familiar with OCR?  It stands for Optical Character Recognition.  Well in this post I will show you how to copy and paste...

Show or Hide Selected Chart Data Points in Excel with VBA

Okay, for the last challenge, Peter went above and beyond and also submitted a VBA solution to this problem.  Great job Peter! Here is how...

Problems Creating an Excel Open-High-Low-Close (Candle Stick) Stock Chart

Every time and I mean EVERY TIME that I go to create a Candle Stick Stock Chart in Excel (otherwise known as an Open-High-Low-Close...

The Best Way to Separate Address Text to Multiple Columns

I have been doing an excessive amount of data migration on my last assignment using Microsoft Excel.  Typically I can do this so much...
Make a Random Data Set in Excel

How-to Quickly Mock-up Data for a Dashboard Template

I frequently need to create and test a chart design concept for Excel Dashboards.  Therefore, I need chart data that is representative of the actual data,...
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